Tuesday, March 25, 2008

my dream studio

I could spend hours tinkering & exploring in Hannah Kopacz studio. I discovered Hannah via Craftzine.com, they publish a great craft magazine that's worth getting your hands onto. You can usually pick up a copy in Borders Bookstores or for Melbourne folks Magnation.

There have been so many great suggestions for 'this is...'. Thank you!! I will draw a number from my sewing basket tomorrow... stay tuned!


Betty Jo said...

I am mad about Hannah's creative world too. I now own one of her yummy screen printed Matroyshka skirts.(A swap for some Betty Jo brooches)
So apart from "This is my favorite skirt...", I suggest, "This is what inspires me."

Dees said...

OMG ANGELA!!!!!!!!!!this is a total cuteness overload here!!!thank you so much for the link it is great!!!!love love