Wednesday, February 20, 2008

polariod no more

Have you heard that polaroid film is to be discontinued by the end of the year. Very sad news indeed and something to be aware of so you can stock up before it's gone forever.

Above is what has been snapped on my camera phone this week. I use my camera phone alot, it's not exactly the best quality but it's always on hand when something catches my eye. Maybe you could post what is on your camera phone too and we can come and have a peek?

If you want another laugh out loud moment you have to go here, it's funny.


Liss said...

im so sad about this news!! i read it on another blog a few days ago...and I was just getting into Polaroid photography

Maggie Pie said...

Yeah,I'm going to miss the polaroid :( We also have a camera which uses small sticky polaroid film. Our fridge was plastered with those cute little polaroid stickers.

zoesquid said...

OMG - thats hilarious - the cat thing I mean. Thanks for the good belly laugh - its been a while.

starashan said...

no more polaroid?? nooooooo! I just found a great polaroid camera in the oppie not so long ago! :o(