Saturday, January 05, 2008

tonight i ate a bubble 'o' bill

It is sooo HOT in Melbourne today! Tomorrow the hot weather will ease which is great news as I have 85 kits to make!

I stumbled across these cute softies pictured above today whilst frolicking online. You can find more here.

* Photo by Tummie-Design.


starashan said...

welcome back to blogland :P (I used to love bubble o bills!! :o) )

Amanda said...

I loved bubble o bills, they were my childhood favorite, and now i have the taste for one lol


Claire Falkingham said...

Wow - 85 kits, strap your self in, it could be a fast ride this year! I'm really pleased that people love your work!!
I love BubbleOBills, cause I get to eat the nose - Parker says chewing gum is for adults, cute if somewhat cheeky!

boobook said...

I LOVE bubble of bills!!
Thow I would get angry if my bubble gum wasn't yellow, oh and the yellow part of bill is my favourite!!
hope your well!!
Hope your arm is still attached!