Friday, January 18, 2008

i like totally love my bluebirds

I picked up these cute little bluebird earrings today from Corky St Clair. I used to wear a pair just like these when I was younger. I wore them when I went on the Happy Sam TV Show! My ears haven't changed at all.

Thank you to everyone who is up for playing 'this is...' it's going to be lots of fun!! Feel free to join in if you haven't already. Leave a quick comment to say your playing and I can include you in the link list on Sunday. I'm off to enjoy my Friday night... reading blogs : )


Dees said...

That is so cute!It reminded me of Carry from Sex and the City,she wore a neclace with "Carry' all the time.I love how these things never change all through your life and you keep being you in all the stages in your life!Perhaps I will have to bring out my ladybug ring.Probably will not fit anymore but I do still love those!Wow you sure have a lot of pictures of you as a wee one.Lucky girl!

Cass said...

I used to have a bluebird ring when I was younger. Lost it when I took it off to wash my hands in a petrol station toilet on a holiday trip. Never forgave myself