Friday, December 14, 2007

drum roll please

This morning I placed 32 numbers into my sewing basket to draw the winner of the Sew Your Own giveaway. And the winner is Maud!!!!! Congratulations Maud I will send you a quick email to grab some details.

Thank you to everyone who left a comment for the giveaway, I discovered so many new blogs by reading your comments!! I shall leave you with my Flashback Friday photo Christmas Day, my brother and I looking like mischief as per usual. Not like now, I am an extremely serious person ; )


Maud... said...

WOUW, thank you sooo much!
I'm speechless (I can't believe I was so lucky !) and so very happy !
I look forword to the "Sew my own kit".....Thank you!

Lark said...

I bet you two were a right handful!


Dees said...

Oh that lucky Maud!!I just congratulated her on winning your lovely price,I told her after your wonderful package I didn't dare to enter into the competition.You have spoiled me so already.Enjoying your gifts every day!so happy for Maud she got the price!You are such a fun person!xoxo

Jodie said...

I love that christmas pic - the paper hats are such a tradition.