Tuesday, October 09, 2007

she is here

The mailman was very kind to me today. Firstly, I received a hand written letter from a special friend. Hand written! In the mail! How sweet, I'm going to start writing hand written letters too. Those were the days...

And secondly I received a very *cute* *yummy* *sweet* parcel from Desiree!! Beautifully handmade by Desiree!! and she also popped this very cute card in as well.

Thank you both for making my day!! I love snail mail!


Dees said...

Wow that was really fast!I am so glad you are so happy with her,you made my day with your lovely post.I also think handwritten letters are the best!
hugs Dees

Anonymous said...

Hand written mail is so nice and not done enough. I'm am guilty of that. Even having photos developed.
I can't remember the last time.
Christmas I think.
Love your parcel