Saturday, October 27, 2007

re-acquainting myself with yogurt

My love affair with yogurt started at a young age. My Mum would drive across town so we could indulge in a cone of soft-serve natural yogurt from a little health food shop. Then in my early twenties, in a share house, I had a bad experience with yogurt something I would rather not talk about. Lets just say there was some yogurt stealing accusations flying around...

Very recently I've started to eat yogurt again and it is amazing. Yogurt in a cone, yogurt in a tub, yogurt on your breakfast muesli and yogurt on curry dinners.

I have a great story about lychees too but I will leave that for another day.

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Kirsty said...

I LOVE yoghurt too. I have a plain yoghurt from Coffee Max in Camberwell every day for lunch.

Liss said...

i love yougurt too!! I use natural yogurt instead of sour cream.