Friday, October 26, 2007

flashback friday - best & favourite toys

This was one of my best mates 'teddy'. Teddy was a quiet one and didn't say much, she just hung out with me alot. She is still with me now, although now she lives in a cupboard. But don't worry she likes small cramped spaces and she likes hanging out with the Christmas decorations that also reside there.

I would like to ask the Lino Lady, Betty Jo for a theme for next week!


starashan said...

She's such a lovely bear! :o) What a cute photo... I can't believe she is still in such amazing condition though... you must have been far more gentle with your teddies than I was. I used to have a mouse teddy that I would spend time peeling the eyes off. Very nice... I still loved it though!

Kirsty said...

Another super cute photo of you.

Anonymous said...

How Cute! It looks so big against you but so small on his own.
Hope he is looking after those Xmas decos

tina said...

i still have my beloved teddy from long-ago, too! right now he is, sadly, packed in a moving box, waiting for a new spot to call home in the new house, so i couldn't photo him for my flashback friday.

thanks for sharing your pictures of your little buddy! he is lovely.