Monday, September 24, 2007

angelique houtkamp

Outre Gallery is showing a solo exhibition of Dutch artist Angelique Houtkamp, September-October 2007. Her work is sooo good!


shula said...


Have to check that out.

Juddie & Godfrey said...

Hey Miss A,
I had just put those pictures up above my computer at work yesterday - I love Angelique's work too. Maybe I'll see you at the opening/book signing?

Kirsty said...

Thanks for sharing this Angela. Very clever & inspiring art.

Dees said...

So cool,I am dutch myself and never saw any of her art before today!I am blushing with shame.thank you Angela for sharing.Now I can show myself in public again knowing who she is!

mixtapezine said...

yes,yes, yes!!! I looooove her stuff
justine x