Tuesday, August 21, 2007

thrifted tuesday

paper.string.cloth is the brain child behind thrifted tuesday and since I'm always popping my head into a charity shop every week I thought I would like to post on thrifted tuesday too!

I found these goodies at the op shop between Caulfield station and the Magnolia Square market. Vintage fabric 3m only $3, Happy Birthday card .50c, cotton cards $1. The smile on my face, priceless.


kootoyoo said...

Terrific finds Angela. I love a "new" op shop.


paper. string. cloth said...


Thanks for joining me in a bit of Thrifted Tuesday!

Maybe we should start a posse???

Leah xx

three buttons said...

We could definitely start a thrifted tuesday flickr posse, is there already a flickr group?

paper. string. cloth said...

Posse is done!

Here's the link:


Come over and join me - so I don't look like I just started a group to house my own photos!!!


Leah xxx