Friday, August 24, 2007

genki springtime caravan

I would like to introduce you to Miss Allsorts photographed above. Not only is Miss Allsorts appearing as cover girl on the next issue of Mixtape zine but she is also going to be auctioned as part of the Genki Happy Springtime Caravan exhibition. All proceeds of the caravan auction will be donated to The Melbourne City Mission (bids close 7pm Wednesday 5th September). The Genki Caravan will exhibit unique and wonderful works that will be auctioned. The caravan will be located in the City Square, Swanston Street on Tuesday 4th & Wednesday 5th September from 11am - 2pm and 5-8pm. I predict it will be the event of the year!


my poppet said...

I love Genki, always has something a little quirky to make me smile!

posiepatchwork said...

Oh, she's beautiful, love the lacey ruffle too, good enough to eat!! You're so sweet to offer her up for auction too. How interesting - a seminar as Craft as a Business. I wonder if they say "sewing is a really slow way to make money??" Love Posie

boobook said...

She is lovely indeed! Thank you for your lovely comment. You have started my day off nicely.
I'm making a life sized sausage dog for the caravan. Hopefully our kids can hang out. Miss Allsorts might be able to ride him, he's that life sized!!!
I may just see you at the opening?!

xoxx brooke and moca

three buttons said...

A good and funny point Posie! Once I needed a new iron so I asked my partner to take some of my sew your own kits into his office to sell. They all sold in 30 mins and he bought home a very spiffy iron.

Another time I was at my local newsagent buying the paper and some magazines, the lady offered we do a swap, one of my kits for the lot. Craft as a Business... noice!

kootoyoo said...

I think that the Genki caravan is just the most beautiful idea. Good on you for supporting such a great initiative.

Love Kirsty

Lark said...

Angela, she's cute! I have sent a tray of knitted cupcakes to the caravan, something for Miss Allsorts to nibble on!

Allison x