Friday, August 10, 2007

flashback friday

It's a fancy dress flashback friday!

To this day I am still an angel, ask anybody who knows me.

I'm really excited to share what happened this week regarding our Flashback Friday posts. I received an email and goes something like this:

I am an avid follower of some crafty ladies, one being Aunty Cookie. That is were I found a link to your '3 Buttons' blog.

I found your flashback photo fascinating, reminding me exactly what my childhood was like and guess what I'm in that photo. (refer to party flashback post)

My name is Nikki I'm on the far right in the blue floral dress. I recognise many faces.

I scrolled down to laugh at the Allsort costume. I did ballet and was a candy cane, but desperately wanted to be in a coloured box too as I remember my neighbour Katie got the Allsort costume.

I am still blown away by this email, wow the internet is an amazing place! Because of this email I would like to suggest that next Flashback Friday our theme could be group photo pre 1985.


one little acorn said...

Gorgeous pic again 'Angel'a. And yes - very Angelic. What an amazing coincidence from the blogging world out there.

Missed the 'dress-up' theme - but my pic DOES show me dressed up! Will try for the group pic for next week. (There are only so many to choose from!)

Still my link to in web ring doesn't work???

summer pickles said...

Wow, I love this photo (love your facial expression too!). What an amazing costume - your wings are terrific.

I would second the choice of group photos for next week... not sure if I have any but I will chase some down.

Happy Flashback Friday!
Hannah xx

Jenny said...

Wow you actually still look the same. Happy FBF!

Anonymous said...

Love your picture. Of course your an angel. But alway remember self-praise is no recommendation. he he he.
I have put a link down the side of my blog so I can quickly check out everyones photos. This is all who have signed up in Flashback Friday Link.
Love the theme this week. Some people had such talented mothers.

Cherryskin said...

I love the ringlets! (The costume ain't half bad, either.)
Amazing email!

Chookyblue said...

Hello have just joined my swap and I have no email for you.......can you go to my profile and email me you details please and thanks for joining

Sheeps Clothing said...

Gorgeous photo!
That email plays right into my fears about flash back Friday. What if someone recognises / remembers me from way back when and they don't like what they remember??
Such a small world!

whitney said...

Wow, small world in the internet - love the angelic costume - or are you dressed up?

posiepatchwork said...

Oh clever One Little Acon, Angel'a, he he. I am sure you have a halo above your head at all times. What a neat way to have a bloggy reunion!! Love Posie

shula said...

Oh Angelic One,

consider it done.

Group photo next Friday.

Feltbug said...

It is so good to have a weekly reason to search through old photos - thankyou :) You ARE an angel !