Wednesday, May 02, 2007

meet me at mikes

meet me at mikes makes me feel sooooo inspired!! full of crafty delights and eye candy. if you haven't already met mikes it's definitely time to schedule in a date! did I forget to mention that you can also find my cute kits there...


Meet Me at Mikes said...

Such a pleasure to have Miss Buttons beaming at all our customers! Thanks for the lovely chats! xx pip

amy said...

oh so sweet! i'll have to hop along to mikes and get a closer look!! your display looks lovely :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Three Buttons (really sorry I don't know your name!)

Hey! Fancy that - you designed Miss Buttons! I just saw Miss Buttons in Genki on Friday (and it was my first time in the shop too!). She is so sweet :)

Thanks so much for saying hi!
Glad you like the bird and owl too. What a small world! Heheh.. sorry you didn't see me again - was my first time at the market. Was a one off thing for me. Wasn't sure I could sell stuff so glad Pip told me to try Mikes.

Nice to know you! (do email me back if you have time :)