Sunday, August 26, 2012

etsy father's day

I'm all for buying second hand goods and certainly don't see anything wrong with gifting some vintage wares. Here is a list of my Father's Day treasury, I hope it inspires you to buy second hand this year.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Hello! I'm still here, busy bee I have been. In the midst of toddler wrangling I have been celebrating birthdays for the big and small people in my life.

My Mum's last visit coincided with her birthday. Inspired by her life long dream to ride in a hot air balloon, I decided to throw together a little hot air balloon themed birthday brunch just for us.

I went completely mad and attempted to make a 3D paper hot air balloon using this tutorial. After I saw the tutorial on Pinterest I was eager to make several for bunting but after several attempts I opted to make just one for a cake topper instead. It required all of my zen and hand co-ordination to make one but it was very satisfying to complete it. Still eager to make bunting I went for something a little more easy and used this tutorial for some paper balloons.