Wednesday, October 31, 2007

theme for friday

Lino forest has suggested a great theme to use for this weeks flashback friday.

'My Stylish Mum' taking into account anything 60's, 70's or 80's for that matter will be deemed stylish in a fabulous vintage sense. It can be Mum pre-you or a photo of both of you looking stylish and fabulous together or why not both!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

the 80's

I read an article in the Saturday Age by Maggie Alderson and I wanted to share some of what she had to say...

'The 1950's was the olden days to me when Danny and Sandy first hit our screens in 1978. And like all trend trackers at the time, I was already channelling it as a ironic retro-chic fashion inspiration, seizing keenly upon any clothing from that era that turned up at jumble sales and the like.

The reason those things were still so readily available then was that they were from only 20 years before. If you move the idea on, that means if I were 16 now, I'd be scouring op-shops for clothes from 1987'.

1987! That was just yesterday. Time flies!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

the goods

The good room, the good scissors, the good dinner set, the good linen. The goods seemed to be a part of growing up in the past... do you still refer to something in your household as the 'good ....', if you do can you share with us what it is? Or maybe you have a story of when you were growing up and your family had a 'good ....' and you thought to yourself when I grow up I will use the good things every day!

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

re-acquainting myself with yogurt

My love affair with yogurt started at a young age. My Mum would drive across town so we could indulge in a cone of soft-serve natural yogurt from a little health food shop. Then in my early twenties, in a share house, I had a bad experience with yogurt something I would rather not talk about. Lets just say there was some yogurt stealing accusations flying around...

Very recently I've started to eat yogurt again and it is amazing. Yogurt in a cone, yogurt in a tub, yogurt on your breakfast muesli and yogurt on curry dinners.

I have a great story about lychees too but I will leave that for another day.

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mixtape zine

Miss Allsorts made a celebrity spot appearance today in the A2 section 'I made it myself'. Nichola and Justine spoke about their inspirations and motivations behind their crafty/eco zine that we have all come to love in our blogging community. I was so excited to see little miss in print I cracked open a box of Earl Grey and used the good cups. Sometimes you just gotta live a little. No?

Friday, October 26, 2007

this is stanley

Recently Allison provided a link to the Kath Kidston website where there is a competition to make your own Stanley. With pattern downloaded I went to work on my own Stanley. Maybe you would like to make a Stanley too...

flashback friday - best & favourite toys

This was one of my best mates 'teddy'. Teddy was a quiet one and didn't say much, she just hung out with me alot. She is still with me now, although now she lives in a cupboard. But don't worry she likes small cramped spaces and she likes hanging out with the Christmas decorations that also reside there.

I would like to ask the Lino Lady, Betty Jo for a theme for next week!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

flashback theme

This weeks flashback friday theme is 'Best & Favourite Toys or Activities'. Lovely Button has set us a challenging one for this week! I'm going to have to start searching through the photos now to see what I can come up with.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


It has been a long time since I have sat down to work on a sewing project outside of Sew Your Own so last night I set aside some time to start on a log cabin cushion. I've always admired Lisa Congdon's cushions so when I came across her project in The Crafter's Companion I decided it was time to make one. Let's just hope I can find the time to finish it!

A friend introduced me to this Japanese site today - very cute illustrations!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Flashback Friday - Pop's Spot

Today is Pop's Spot. My Pop is a techno gadget man and is the great photographer behind all my Flashback Friday pics (i think this photo was set on self timer). He was quick to hold a 38mm camera in his hand and has upgraded to every new recordable device to date. Just a little over 70 now and he is internet savvy, has a flickr account and does computer video editing in his spare time. He has never been afraid of technology infact he relishes it!

For next week theme I would like to ask Emma from LovelyButton!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

working from home

I now currently work from home, this happened a couple of months ago. While in theory it sounds like a dream come true, there are some harsh realities that I would like to share if you were like me and always spent your day job dreaming about the luxuries of working from work.

Reality No 1 - say goodbye to the office xmas party, office banter, office gossip or office anything. Although to some this may sound brilliant but in hindsight it can leave a big hole in your social life and it's once you leave all this behind you realise how much of your socialization is done at work.

I have employed several strategies to combat reality no 1, just ask my fruit and veg lady, coffee shop man and local baker : ) (Oh the things we can chat about)! And Bloggerland is a godsend!!

Reality No 2 - Distractions! Believe it or not most days it is a distraction I need. I find that since I am working from home I can ignore to give myself a break from work. I can easily work from 8am - 10pm on most days. Since everything is available to me I'm always thinking about what I could be doing rather than sitting doing nothing.

Reality No 3 - Routine. Again I hadn't noticed how much routine is a big part of a 9 - 5 job until it's gone. I have now realised how much routine is needed in your life otherwise you can end up feeling aimless.

Reality No 4 - A consistent, reliable and regular income. I think this one speaks for itself.

So these are some of the realities that I have encountered so far and I have made every effort to socialise daily, set some consistent break times, create a daily rountine and make sure that I maintain a tight budget. I'm sharing my experiences not to deter others but just to give a little food for thought if wanting to start your own cottage industry.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

thrifted tuesday

Here are a couple of craft books I discovered at the church garage sale on Saturday. I had a great day today with visits to the post office and city errands. I popped in to say hi and happy opening to Pip & Cam, I must say their new shop is so super cute!

Monday, October 15, 2007

blog action day

Blog Action Day
There are so many environmental issues that deeply concern me but one that angers me right now is Mr Howard's promotion of uranium exports and "climate-friendly" nuclear power. He has decided to take immediate steps to make possible an expanded nuclear industry in Australia, which could ultimately include nuclear power stations, uranium enrichment and nuclear waste treatment. And we are not talking about nuclear power stations in remote Australia, we are talking inner suburbia.

One such power station would be set for Newport in Melbourne, a neighbouring suburb to Yarraville where only last week residents were warned to stay indoors after a toxic explosion. With so many reasons as to why Australia (or any country) shouldn't go down the nuclear path the most alarming reasons are nuclear disposal, nuclear transportation and uranium mining having a dentrimental effect on our land and aboriginal communities.

Instead of turning to nuclear power, Australia should ratify the Kyoto Protocol, invest in renewable energy, adopt a national energy efficiency target and improve public transport.

fun filled fanciful folly

I had a wonderful weekend! On Saturday I met up with Allison for a day of adventure. On the way to meeting Allison in the city I noticed a Garage Sale sign on a church so as soon as we met we were back on the tram heading towards the church. We discussed the possible downfall of going to church garage sale together as we would want the same things but as luck (or divine intervention) would have it the set of vintage xmas lights that we both swooned over became two sets of vintage lights once untangled! We both walked away with some vintage children and craft books and after 30 seconds of persuasion I bought a gorgeous red chest for $30. A perfect size should I go a round of hide n seek anytime soon.

And I received a cute little holly hobby bag from Allison which I adore! Thank you Allison!! Later that evening my sweet man made me a yummy chilli prawn salad. Lucky me!! Then we were off to see a jazz band with the singer being this vampy lady.

Then Sunday was an early breakfast date with friends : )

it's that time again

It's discount day! For this week I asked Lyn if she would like to be a part of discount day and she said yes. So if you pop into Patchwork on Central Park anytime this week you will receive 10% off everything in her beautiful shop. And here is the exciting part... she is now selling Japanese novelty prints! You will need to mention the words three buttons so she will know to give you your discount.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Friday, October 12, 2007

flashback friday - homemade

Great homemade theme by Pip today! My first photo is of my bubbly three cousins with my brother and I. My Aunty would make all their dresses, matching of course! Most times they would be the same pattern but in a different colour.

The second photo is of my brother and I doing some odd jobs around the house for our keep. After we painted the front of the house we worked on reguttering the roof. Life was hard but you could never count on a free meal ticket ; )

For next weeks theme may I suggest 'Pop's Spot'. A photo and a story of your Pop!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

flashback theme

Pip's crafty suggestion for our theme this week is 'homemade'. That could be homemade cakes (!).. homemade dresses (!)... homemade cubbies (!)... homemade art work!

I'm going to have to search through my photo's this week as I used my homemade last week... oh the new dilemma of Flashback Friday!

sticky tape

I couldn't possibly use a standard sticker tape dispenser, a birdy tape dispenser makes me smile when I tape things up! I found birdy tape dispenser at zakkaya earlier this year. I use her daily like my glow in the dark calculator.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

she is here

The mailman was very kind to me today. Firstly, I received a hand written letter from a special friend. Hand written! In the mail! How sweet, I'm going to start writing hand written letters too. Those were the days...

And secondly I received a very *cute* *yummy* *sweet* parcel from Desiree!! Beautifully handmade by Desiree!! and she also popped this very cute card in as well.

Thank you both for making my day!! I love snail mail!

thrifted tuesday

Monday, October 08, 2007

monday is

If you pop into Meet me at Mikes anytime this week and mention the words *three buttons* you will not only receive a discount on your purchase but you will also receive a surprise bonus!!

Update - Thank you Pip for being a part of discount day this week. My hope is to post a discount day every week... stay tuned!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

for your visual pleasure

I had a great day helping out at Mikes 2 with Kirsty, Brooke, Pip, Cam, Matt and Ari! I can't wait for the grand opening. Not too many sleeps now.

Friday, October 05, 2007

flashback friday - nanna technology

Like most Nanna's my Nanna enjoys her craft and creative pursuits! One of my distinct memories is Nanna teaching us to bake jam drop biscuits whenever we went to stay. And the best part was she always let us lick the bowl! - or should I say devour the pot

For next week I would love to ask Pip from Meet me at Mikes. I hope she is up for it!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

look who is coming to my house

The talented Desiree from Daisy in lala Land has made this amazing deer for me and it is being shipped as I write! Desiree has an Etsy store with many more beautiful handmade cuties.

Thank you Desiree!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

matt sewell

Illustrations by Matt Sewell.


A recent kiddie owl shirt purchase by StudioAntic and my very homely owl clock by Blink Designs.

nanna technology

This weeks Flashback Theme is Nanna Technology!! Thank you Kirsty for your wonderful theme. (I've just got goosebumps... I kid you not as I am writing this the postman just came to my door with an unexpected parcel from my Nanna)!!!

Kirsty suggested a pic of your crafty Nanna & a little bit about what she taught you!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

magazine love

I popped into Magnation yesterday to buy the latest Inside Out magazine and discovered a new little Melbourne made semi-crafty, more fashion mag called A cloth-covered button. To my surprise both magazines featured someone I knew! (This has never happened before). Inside Out magazine gave a plug for Arthur's Circus and A cloth-covered button featured Chris from Corky Saint Clair.

And on the topic of Great, Cool & Awesome magazines, may I recommend Mixtapezine! Issue two is available on November 1 and is pre-selling now. If you pop over to their website you can have a read of an interview about me *blush*. Both Justine and Nichola have been doing such a great job with our own homegrown zine, they should both be very proud!

thrifted tuesday

You can take the girl out of Queensland but you can't take Queensland out of the girl!

The perfect platter for a summer Kath & Kim shindig, all for the budget price of 50 cents. Why go out when you can do it all at home.

Monday, October 01, 2007

there is no hole in my bucket

Last week when dropping off an order to '1001 Things For Baby' in Carlton I came away with a very cute decoupaged bucket by Anna and a very cute gift tag by Red Wagon.

thank you

Thank you very much Brooke and Moca for my very special housemate prize!! Your hand embroidery is very delicate and I appreciate your work. And thank you Miss Carolyn for being such a great housemate : )